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PS 515A







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1. Product introduction

1. The product is made of polystyrene (GPPS) as the main raw material, which is extruded and embossed on the surface.

2. Product features:

  a. On the one hand, the board can transmit light and fully take in light. The perspective is different due to the distance and pattern, and the perspective is: slightly transparent and visible.

  b. The pattern is glass grain, irregularly distributed.

  c. The board can meet the requirements of mechanical processing, thermoforming, blow molding, blister molding, solvent gluing, hot printing, screen printing, etc.

3. Anti-UV additives can be added to keep it from yellowing for a long time and delay aging.


2,Recommended application method

Suitable for sanitary ware, decoration, furniture decoration, screen baffle.

It is suitable for direct lighting and plays a beautiful role in lighting.

3. Customized product specifications


MaterialWidthLenghtThicknessMinimum order quantity
Accept customized product specificationsPS


 1. Within the specification size, any size can be cut, and can be cut round, square, and chamfered according to requirements

 2. The diffusion plate is made of imported raw diffusive particles and extruded into a plate, and the surface is covered with a PE protective film to prevent scratches

Four, certification information: