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PMMA 512(A)



Appearance::One side pyramid/A smooth surface


Color::semi transparent


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1, The  Diffusion  Board :

Diffuser plate principle for use of nanoscale beads light diffusion agent and optical acrylic (PMMA)/polystyrene (PS) b ene base material such as refractive index is different, when light passes through the different refractive index of medium, can produce many transmission of refraction and reflection, scattering phenomenon, so as to change the path of light, the light source becomes evenly dispersed, point light source into a surface light source, enlarged the shiny surface, and make the light becomes downy, achieve the goal of well and pervious to light. At the same time, it can meet the requirements of various fog values and transmittance, and in the case of high transmittance and low light failure, it has a good shading effect.


2, Product  Description :

(1).  512 (A) new microstructure on the surface of the diffuser is through its micro concave and convex structure, make the light through the reflection of occurs when different directions, change the path of A light, realize the spread of light, more soft, uniform irradiation effect.

(2).  Product  features :

a. PS low expansion oefficient, low water rate, dimensional stability and mechanical strength, good performance, and has high light transmittance, excellent shelter and durability, the optimal light diffusion effect.

b. It can improve the diffusion effect of light by increasing the diffusion effect of the luminescence distribution of the back light source.

c. Light transmittance: the excellent light transmittance produces its high brightness.

(3).  A UV stabilizer can be added to prolong the yellowing time.


3, Suggested  Application :

Suitable for modern energy-saving lighting lamps and lanterns of LED technology, such as LED panel light, LED downlight.

4, Custom  Specifications :


Customized  AvailabilityPMMA


1. Panels can be cut in specific sizes and shapes if provide with drawings in advance.

2. Panels are using imported diffuse agents to produce, and all flat side with PE protection films.

5, Certification :